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We like to give Insights and Developments within the insurance market to widen out clients' knowledge and understanding. This could be on regulation, product innovation, claims activity and the impact on premium rates both on a macro and local level.

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Howden launches retail operation in Switzerland

Howden has announced that it has appointed Felix Jenny to lead its new retail operation in Switzerland. Howden Switzerland will form an important part of Howden’s European business, delivering local market expertise to the Group’s multinational client base and Swiss headquartered clients.

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FCA Investigations in 2020 Webinar with DWF: Watch on demand

Throughout 2020, regulatory investigations remained a key risk for regulated firms, with Asset Managers/Funds remaining top of the FCA priority list. We expect the FCA’s specific focus on “smaller firms” and the Senior Managers & Certification Regime to continue to present asset managers with challenges in 2021. The pandemic, lockdowns and work from home directive also provide the context for greater investigation and enforcement activity in the coming months. Navigating the investigation process, and ensuring you utilise the insurance coverage available, is not easy, particularly when doing so under the pressure of an active FCA investigation. In this webinar, we provide guidance on the practicalities of investigations for asset managers, explore the current focus of the FCA, and give some top tips on the insurance coverage available and utilising that cover effectively.

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Directors & Officers Insurance: Practical considerations on the interaction between insurance and company indemnities

A Directors & Officers (“D&O”) policy is a fundamental part of a company’s insurance programme. It provides protection to directors and other senior individuals who may face personal liability for matters related to their role. Individuals may also have protection via indemnities from the company. The interaction between D&O and company indemnities can be complicated and there are issues to consider from a policy perspective, even if there are no company indemnities. In this article, we consider some of the practical implications for directors and companies.

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FCA Investigations and Insurance in 2021

Throughout 2020, regulatory investigations remained a key risk area for regulated firms (and their senior individuals) in which insurance can play a part. In this bulletin, we reflect on the latest trends identified in the FCA’s enforcement report for the 2019/20 financial year (published in September 2020) and new investigations issues arising from the pandemic, and consider what those might mean for investigations in 2021. We also take stock of the current insurance market for investigations cover, and provide some guidance for policyholders, both when renewing cover and when an insured investigation arises involving a firm and/or individual.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Key Considerations

For a number of reasons, Employment Practices Liability (“EPL”) insurance is a hot topic. There have been a number of recent high profile cases involving racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. The onset of coronavirus means that employers are looking carefully at their obligations to employees, both inside and outside the workplace. Further, with the hardening insurance market, many insurers are looking to reduce or remove cover for EPL from combined policies, and increase rates for stand-alone EPL cover. In this bulletin, we seek to explain the key features of EPL and answer some of the questions on what the product covers.

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Discrimination and Harassment: Recent Developments and Insurance Considerations

Not only is diversity and inclusion a topic that can no longer be ignored by any business, it is increasingly becoming a key risk area for business. The #metoo and #blacklivesmatter movements have highlighted social injustices, with political consequences. Whether stemming from these movements or otherwise, sexual and racial discrimination, and sexual harassment, must now receive significant focus from businesses big and small. Getting things wrong can have reputational, regulatory and legal consequences. In this bulletin, we highlight some of the recent big stories and claims in this area, with a particular focus on insurance implications and potential solutions.

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Silent Cyber & Crime Coverage | Confusion or Clarity? July 2020

Lloyd’s syndicates are required to clarify their position on ‘silent cyber’ in crime coverages from 1 July 2020 – but evidence to date suggests there is little consistency between insurers as to what that means in practice. Policyholders and their brokers therefore need to take care to avoid overly broad exclusions being applied, and ensure that appropriate crime cover is maintained.

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Claims insight, PI and crime sections, May 2020

As the world continues to adjust to the Covid-19 situation, we take a look at what the future may hold for professional indemnity policy wordings and claims. There are a number of key wordings points that were already becoming battlegrounds in a hardening market. Those issues will likely continue, as policyholders consider their cover and the claims they may face.

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Covid 19 Wordings

With growing concern how the current Covid 19 situation applies to sectors and areas of business, the D&O Liability insurance market is no different. We have written short reports on our Howden IMI wordings and in particular, the D&O Liability sections addresses this. ( Please note, applicable to the Howden IMI wording 15.3 and 14.3 only.) March 2020

Howden IMI 15.3 D&O Coverage Wording
Howden IMI 14.3 D&O Coverage Wording

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Market Insights

The Political Declaration: What does it tell us about the UK - EU future relationship?

On Sunday, 25 November 2018 the European Council convened to obtain Member State approval on both the draft Withdrawal Agreement ("WA") and the politcal declaration on the future relationship with the UK and the EU ("PD"). in due course the UK parliament will also need to approve both documents before the agreement can be ratified.

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